Robotics Society of Iran (RSI)
Our organization is dedicated to achieving the following objectives:

1) Internationally expanding scientific and empirical research among robotics experts and researchers.

2) Collaborating with diverse organizations of executive, scientific, research, and technical nature to evaluate, review, and implement plans pertaining to training, technical issues, and research.

3) Offering training, research, and engineering consultancy services for contexts related to robotics.

4) Publishing books, editing relevant standards, and producing various scientific journals encompassing robotics fundamentals, advanced articles, and periodicals targeted at adolescents, etc.

5) Conducting vital research and advancing the application of robotics technology in organizations and industrial/service centers.

6) Assisting and encouraging the establishment of RSI student groups within universities and other relevant academic environments.

7) Organizing seminars, scientific gatherings, and competitions at various levels (regional, national, international) with the aim of enhancing the knowledge, skills, and creativity of the participants.

8) Promoting collaboration with robotics researchers and recognizing the exemplary achievements of distinguished professors, scholars, and industrialists affiliated with the field of robotics science.

9) Cultivating a vibrant and intellectually honest scientific environment for RSI members.

10) Facilitating the enhancement of professional levels and opportunities, as well as fostering an entrepreneurial spirit among society members.

11) Contributing to the elevation of experts' reliability, credibility, respect, and dignity in the eyes of customers.

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